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Blackwing Descent - Magmaw (first boss)

Ricewarrior7, Mar 2, 11 2:49 AM.


Phase 1
  • Magmaw will cast Pillar of Flame, marking a location and giving you four seconds to get out of the area. If you're too slow, you get a massive damage knockback.
  • Pillar of Fire will also spawn Lava Parasites. If these hit you, they apply a debuff which, after 10 seconds, will explode into AOE damage on the raid and spawn more Lava Parasites. You don't want to get hit by these--abilities like Ice Trap and Ice Shards will be critical here. Freeze the Parasites and then kill them as soon as possible from range. This ability is on about a 30-second cooldown, so you have to kill the Parasites quick.
  • Magmaw will periodically Mangle your tank, causing massive damage every few seconds. After 30 seconds of this he'll eat your tank, preventing him from taking any action. Have your tank either blow his cooldowns right before the timer is up and muscle through it, or swap in a second tank.
  • Magmaw will also periodically cast Ignition, which will set one half of the room on fire. Watch for the steam, and move the raid to the other side.
Phase 2
  • Magmaw will slump forward. When this happens, 2 melee DPS need to jump on his head. This will give them a new ability called Constricting Chains, which everyone needs to use on the spike on the ground at about the same time. If your timing is off, Magmaw will break free from the single chain binding him, and you will lose time - and potentially a tank.
  • If you've done this correctly, Magmaw will take double damage and be unable to do anything during the phase. This is a good time for Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp, as well as healer mana regeneration.

Baradin Hold

Ricewarrior7, Mar 1, 11 6:10 AM.
Baradin Hold 

  • Argaloth is a very straight-forward fight. Split your raid in two equally-size groups, one on each side of the boss. You can use the metal grid on the floor to align the groups.
  • Every time Argaloth casts Meteor Slash, you want the tanks to switch. Half of your raid being stacked will help minimize the damage, and the tank rotation will make sure that nobody eats a second Meteor Slash while the increased Fire damage taken debuff is still on.
  • Consuming Darkness is a fairly nasty DoT that should be removed as quickly as possible.
  • At 66% and 33% Argaloth will start channeling Fel Firestorm. Simply run around (individually, not as a group) without stopping for the duration of the spell, making sure you are back near your assigned position when it's over.
  • The 5-minute Berserk timer requires each one of your 6 DPS to pull about 10k on average.

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